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[-]Finding professional business partner

case study a

When my business partner and I decided to start our own internet-based personal consultancy company, we knew we needed a reliable technology partner to develop the product for us. Because neither of us had any hi-tech background, this was always going to be a really critical decision.

After conducting a Google search for companies that develop applications, we narrowed our list to three candidate companies. We met them all, we received their proposals, and then we had to make a choice. To help us make the right decision, we turned to the MY RELATIONSHIP application. Two of the candidates emerged with a positive results, while the third produced a negative finding (red background.)

We chose one of the two remaining prospective technological partners, and then applied the following 4 critical questions to them:

  1. Do we or the prospective partner have any blockage?
  2. Does the candidate company have qualities that suit our project?
  3. What do we and the candidate company have in common?
  4. How successful will our work with them be?
  • On the first question, the feedback we got from MY RELATIONSHIP was that there was no impediment.
  • On the second question, the company displayed a high degree of intuition. We felt that this would be very useful.
  • On the third question, the common denominator was “balance between the conscious and the subconscious,” again an indication that the partnership would thrive.
  • The result of the fourth question was that we would receive the knowledge we needed to start our operation.

We chose this company, and for several months the development process proceeded without problems. Then one day we received an email message out of the blue that they had gone bust. They apologized, since they knew that they could not complete the development work for us. Our surprise was compounded by the fact that the company that MY RELATIONSHIP helped choose was going bankrupt.

Left with little choice, we started negotiating with another company to develop our product. And then, just one week later, we received another communication from the original development company. They happily informed us that they had found an investor and that they could continue working on our project.

We learned from this experience that MY RELATIONSHIP does indeed provide accurate long-term information. We have now started using this application as a tool for choosing suppliers, clients and even hires.

The company that was not chosen. They ceased operating 2 months later.
The parameter that indicated that the company operates on high intuition
The common denominator parameter – a balance between conscious and subconscious
The end result parameter – receiving the knowledge we needed

[-]Married Couple

case study b

After living with Suzanna for several years, I started feeling that the relationship was not going as smoothly as it should. We fought a lot, and there was a lot of tension in the air. I really shocked her when I accused her of being to blame. I was frustrated by this state of affairs. It impacted on my work and on the atmosphere at home.

I tried various solutions, but nothing helped until I came across MY RELATIONSHIP. I decided to see whether it could help me identify what had gone wrong at home. I discovered that I create “emotional stress.”

To my surprise, it turns out that the problem lay with me. I caused the disquiet at home, I created a difficult atmosphere.

I also discovered that Suzanna believed that our relationship improves her balance and her quality of life. At the emotional level, she was trying to discover and realize the potential in the relationship.

When I dug deeper to discover what I should stop doing in order not to ruin the relationship (the fifth pentagon), I discovered that I must tackle my problem with expressing myself in this relationship. This problem prevented me from connecting to my intuition that would allow me to see a bigger picture.

Finally, I checked to see where the relationship was going in the short term. The answer I received was that I would recover emotionally from a difficult trauma. This persuaded me to use the MY COACH application in order to release some of the pressure that I brought to the relationship. And it worked!

So I am grateful for the opportunity MY RELATIONSHIP gave me to realize that the problem was with me. MY RELATIONSHIP prevented me from making things worse in my relationship with my Suzanna. I even persuaded her to try the application for herself. I suppose I was not surprised when her parameters were positive – further proof that the problem was not with her but with me.

The questioner’s emotional pressure parameter
The partner’s positive parameters
The parameter that explains which behavior could cause the relationship to fail
The parameter that shows what will be the result of this relationship in the immediate term.

[-]Legal Issue

case study c

I was involved in legal proceedings with my former tax accountant after he charged me more than we had agreed. I refused to pay so he sued me. When the court proceedings commenced, my attorney presented my arguments. I also showed the court my history of on-time payments with other suppliers. I felt that the judge understood my arguments, and that I was going to win my case.

At a certain point, I felt the judge’s sympathy swing towards the accountant. Anxious to understand what was happening, I turned to MY RELATIONSHIP. I realized that in terms of Kinetic Intelligence, it takes two to tango. In other words, if I have a problem with someone, I am part of the problem.

In a bid to neutralize my impact on the judge, I decided to check my relationship with him via MY RELATIONSHIP. This resulted in my discovery that I have a disturbance (orange halo, see figure 1) that is the cause of the judge’s changed response to me.

I realized that this could cause me to lose the case. The red halo (figure 2) showed that my relationship with the judge would not be a successful one, with the blockage lasting 60 days. (It was later explained to me that if I didn’t have this problem, MY RELATIONSHIP would not have shown a red halo, but an empty pentagon, which signifies that there is no solution right now. In such a situation, I would have known that there was nothing I could do to change my situation.)

I did not tell my attorney about this, but I asked to have the case postponed for 3 months to give me time to neutralize whatever was not functioning properly inside me.

In order to get rid of the impediment, I turned to MY COACH, so that I could discover why the judge no longer trusted me. Once I managed to get rid of the blocking elements inside me, the court case resumed in front of the same judge. When we left the courtroom, my attorney told me how surprised he was that the judge had changed his mind so dramatically, and had found in my favor without the attorney having to present half the material he had prepared. I am really thankful that by using these applications, I was able to prevent a very expensive and embarrassing defeat in my court case.
The partner’s positive parameters
The parameter that explains which behavior could cause the relationship to fail
The parameter that shows what will be the result of this relationship in the immediate term.

[-]Mother of 14 year old boy

case study d

I am a divorced mother raising my 14 year old son Steve. We used to live in another city where Steve exceled at school. Suddenly, his studies deteriorated drastically. He became very closed, and rebuffed all approaches by his school counsellor. I worried that this was due to the divorce, and that my son was becoming depressed. I decided to pose this question to MY RELATIONSHIP – is Steve’s suffering due to the divorce?

I was very encouraged by the results. First, I discovered that my son is not in a negative mental state. None of the pentagons indicated a problem Second, I learned something I didn’t know. On the right side, which represents the divorce, I saw that at an intellectual level, the divorce made Steve focus more on his life’s journey. At an emotional level, he made a new decision to get on with his life.

On the left side, which represents his emotional state, I was also surprised to discover that he was not in a negative place. It seems that he thought that the divorce was impacting on him by getting him to focus on where he wanted to go in life. At an emotional level, he was listening to himself more than before, and worrying less about what others want or think. Overall, the picture was much more positive than I had feared.

The divorce will impact on Steve’s mental state by helping him to avoid being dependent on the opinions of others. MY RELATIONSHIP helped me avoid constant arguments and stopped me putting undue pressure on him. It helped both of us get over this difficult period without unnecessary extra trauma. His studies are now fine, and I am one relieved mom.

  • How the divorce influenced the son
  • The son’s emotional reaction to the divorce
  • The result of the process that the son is presently undergoing

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