my relationship

The program tells you

  • What you think and feel about the relationship being scrutinized, as well as what the other person in the relationship thinks and feels.
  • Which characteristics or patterns does this relationship enhance or repair in your life.
  • The current psychological stage of the relationship.
  • What behavioral pattern could ruin the relationship and should therefore be avoided.
  • What the result of this relationship will be, i.e. the area of your life that will be improved as a result of this relationship succeeding.

Possible problems

  • There are three modes when the answers have an ORANGE background. This signifies a particular type of disturbance that could affect the relationship. If this happens, you have the option, when you complete this session, of moving to the MY COACH program in order to neutralize this disturbance.
  • There are also situations where the disturbance is with the other person, not with you. This is important information to heed if you want to avoid spoiling your relationship with the other person.
  • When a red background appears on the screen, it is an indication that there is something wrong with the relationship. For whatever reason, nothing positive will emerge from this relationship. You will be advised when to re-check this relationship.

Special situations

  • If no symbol appears for one of the parameters, it is an indication that this characteristic is currently not important enough to either improve or disturb the relationship.
  • Even if this result does appear at the end, it means that this relationship does not have a significant influence on your life at present.


  • After you decide which relationship you wish to check, whether it is someone you already know or someone you are going to meet but don’t yet know, you can enter the details in the box provided.
  • If you wish, you can simply think about the question – without writing it down. The result will be identical in both cases.
  • The advantage of writing it down is that in the future when you look at the results, you will be able to remember what you asked, and you will be able to track any changes in the relationship and to see how to repair any damage.
  • The next screen gives you a choice of 8 pentagons (5-sided geometric shape), each representing a parameter that is affecting the relationship under review.
  • The next screen shows the 8 pentagons you have chosen. By clicking on each pentagon, you will open an explanatory window. This is what you will see:
    • At bottom left, you will see what thought is directing you; and at top left, you will see what feeling you are directing towards this relationship.
    • At bottom right, you will see what the other person thinks about the relationship, and above that you will see what feeling the other person is directing towards this relationship.
    • At the bottom center, you will see what this relationship improves for you.
    • The next center up shows you where and how the relationship currently stands psychologically.
    • The second window from the top shows which of your characteristics does not suit this relationship, and which you should therefore avoid if you want the relationship to thrive. This is important information!
    • The top center tells you whether the relationship is on an upward path, and which new characteristic of yours it will strengthen.

These explanations will appear again on the next screen. Click on any window to magnify the text. You can download and save the information on your own PC, laptop or netbook, or you can print it out.

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