MY COACH Case Study


[-]Blockage in personality

case study a

I have worked for an international freight forwarding company for years. Although I am very diligent, I noticed that any time I was in line for promotion, my superiors chose others with less experience than me. Management didn’t appreciate me. I didn’t want to jeopardize my job by complaining, but my frustration grew all the time. Feeling very stuck, I took a friend’s advice and tried MY COACH, in the hope that I could change something that would make management notice my potential.

MY COACH showed me that I suffer from survival fear. I have a problem creating a solid financial basis because of an earlier difficulty, when I lost my job after the company I was working for downsized. The fear of something similar happening again held me back, and prevented me from taking action.MY COACH recommended that I change my attitude. First, I was advised to change my attitude to my employer by embracing freedom of expression. I learned to tell my manager how valuable I was for the company, and how much the company would benefit if it promoted me. The reason I was lacking in the freedom of expression area was that I did not have enough internal freedom. I needed to take a more relaxed attitude to work and to life, and not to regard them as such a burden. My past experiences had nothing to do with my current employer, so that I could believe more in myself and in my right to get promotion. Finally, the application showed me the importance of financial freedom. I had to stop being prisoner to my fear that I could lose my job if I asked for a raise. I had to stop agreeing to live poor. I had to listen to myself more acutely, to know how much I am worth, and what salary I deserved.

The whole period of my engagement with MY COACH took 7 weeks, at the end of which I marched up to my boss and asked for a raise. To my amazement, he asked me whether I would also take on a more responsible position – regional supervisor. Naturally, I agreed. So here I am today. A new job. A better salary. Thanks from the bottom of my heart – I would never have dared to ask for more money if I hadn’t come across the application.

  • My blockage around relationships
  • The first part of the solution – new thinking
  • The second part of the solution – new understanding
  • The practical way that helps me succeed

[-]Blockage in parenting

case study b

We have a 16 year old daughter Jasmine and two adult sons. We always tried hard to give the children everything they needed, and we worked hard to give them a good education. The trouble is that Jasmine became uninterested in her studies, and her work seriously deteriorated. For us as parents, the frustration lay in not knowing what we did wrong. This led to arguments between my husband and me, each of us blaming the other for what had happened. The atmosphere at home got really bad.

Then a friend told me about the galamind application that helps you tackle frustrations and problems. So I signed up for MY COACH, and asked the question: “Why am I not able to communicate with Jasmine?

Why am I unable to inject more understanding between us?”

I discovered that I had emotional addiction, the kind of addiction that seeks expression in external emotional reward. This comes from not feeling good about my personality, which is why I didn’t behave well towards Jasmine. I was shocked to discover that I had not seen the bigger picture. I was gently pushed to change my thinking in the direction of emotional focus. I had to learn how to stop being influenced by others, to stop appeasing them, in order to prove that I am OK.

Decision following realization helped me understand that if I undertook to change my way of thinking, I had to stick with my decision by working out the right timing for changing my behavior with Jasmine. The final piece of the puzzle on my journey to new understanding was positivity and joy. It seems that I had lost my joie de vivre, both with my husband and with my daughter.

Over the course of 10 weeks, I used MY COACH just once a day. Everything has changed. I am no longer fighting with Jasmine or with my husband (who has also started using MY COACH.) Jasmine and I are good friends, we talk a lot, and she credits us with her decision to start using MY COACH and MY RELATIONSHIP.

  • The blockage inside me
  • The new way of thinking that the application suggested
  • The new way of understanding linked to thinking
  • The solution that the application suggested – and that solved the problem.

[-]A problem with relationships

case study c

My name is Anna, I’m a 30-year-old lawyer in a London law firm. After splitting up with my previous partner, I can’t find another partner. It’s frustrating that my relationships don’t last longer than a month. I’ve tried everything – reading articles, going to lectures, but nothing has helped. When my girlfriend Mary suggested that I try MY COACH, I was worried that the problem must be with me. I asked: “Is there something blocking me from creating a stable relationship with someone else?” The application gave me an answer – that I suffered from emotional doubt. I was emotionally unwilling to rely on new relationships, because I was still hurt by my previous experience, when I had been certain that the relationship would develop into marriage.

MY COACH suggested that I change my behavior pattern. The next time I embark on a relationship, I was to focus on accepting others. If I accept them for who they are, they will do the same. If I look for what is wrong with them, I am actually projecting what is wrong with me. To understand this better, the application moved me on to my next insight, which was about creative freedom. I needed to strengthen my self-worth. I had to acknowledge that my failed previous relationship had left me vulnerable and with low self-esteem. Only by accepting others as they are would I be able to restore my life and my passion without blockages.

This required a further step. My geometric symbol indicated the need for physical strength. I had to learn to take in a relationship, and not just to give. This had always frustrated me in the past, which is why I always ran away from relationships. MY COACH recommended that I work on myself for a week. After 10 days, I met Robert, and we’re about to get engaged. I have learned to overcome my natural scepticism and to accept my right to be happy. MY COACH has made all the difference in the world to my attitude to myself and to relationships.

  • My blockage about relationships
  • The first part of the solution – new thinking
  • The second part of the solution – new understanding
  • The practical way that helps me create my own success

[-]Business blockages

case study d

Together with Mark and Lee-Ann, I developed a novel healthcare product, and we planned to market the idea to a multi-national company that expressed interest in the potential of the product. To check the validity of the product, they engaged an external consultant. When I spoke to him on the phone, I got the feeling that he was non-cooperative. When I heard about MY RELATIONSHIP, I thought this would be a good way of checking our existing and potential relationship with this consultant, even though I had never met him. I was surprised to find out that I am the one who is causing problems in the relationship, so I decided to continue my quest for understanding by using MY COACH in an attempt to neutralize any negativity that could affect our meeting with the consultant.

MY COACH showed me that my creative criticism makes me check and recheck processes, thereby projecting my lack of trust in others. Naturally, I didn’t want to give this impression in my meeting with the consultant, so I paid a lot of attention to the three areas that the application pointed me to:

  • A change of thinking – emotional serenity. I realized that I must take a quieter approach.
  • A change of understanding – organized intuition. I needed to develop greater sensitivity to my intuition if I wanted to get what I wanted in a quieter and safer way.
  • A change of functioning – focusing on the path. In order to make sure that the meeting with the consultant went well, I had to proceed in an orderly manner and explain the idea logically. The application got me to spend one minute a day, expelling negative elements from my body and absorbing geometric shapes that focused my mind.

After 4 weeks, I felt change. When it came time for the meeting with the consultant, I was ready, and the meeting was fruitful and successful. I am sure that without the help of MY COACH, I may have caused real problems to the business that I was embarking on with my business partners.

  • The blockage that I discovered
  • The new way of thinking that the application suggested
  • The new way of understanding linked to thinking
  • The solution that the application suggested and that solved the problem

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