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my relationship

MY RELATIONSHIP is a Kinetic Intelligence application that gives you unprecedented understanding of the factors that influence your personal and professional relationships - with your partner, your family, your friends, and your work colleagues.

youmeus print screenMY RELATIONSHIP assesses the chemistry between you and your spouse, partner, friend or colleague - as well as between you and someone new in your life. Learn more

my coach


MY COACH is a Kinetic Intelligence application that detects
your own personality structure, and helps you overcome and neutralize the barriers preventing you from realizing your full potential.

unblock print screen Explore dormant qualities in your subconscious that are obstructing your efforts to eliminate unwanted behavioral patterns. Learn more

More about My Life - Ways products

unblock youmeus print screens

My Life - Ways Applications are designed for anyone wishing to embrace change. This site gives you access to unique tools that offer genuine new insights into your behavior. These interactive tools are based on a breakthrough methodology known as Kinetic Intelligence, which uses your own electro-magnetic field to identify and correct whatever is holding you back.

Both easy-to-use and personalized applications offer you fast-acting and effective improvement in your emotional, social and professional life.


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