Serenity in Relationships


Harmoniously managing relationships to create stability.


You have a hard time with relationships – not something specific, but relationships in general. You can see this in the way you let yourself be ruled by them – you see that you do not have the power and presence to hold your own in a relationship causing your self-esteem to “crash” ; or if you want to dominate a relationship, it is out of insecurity and a fear of losing control.

A relationship is a planned process that is created for the purpose of development.

Harmony – a balance between modesty and arrogance – is the best policy when managing relationships. This applies to any relationship: parents, couples, friends, colleagues, etc… In any relationship, harmony is an ingredient which is emotional rather than a rational.

Two roles in a relationship – both leader and follower – contribute to growth. Once you recognize whether your role in a relationship is dominant or submissive, you pave the way for harmony.

You may achieve harmony and emotional well-being in a relationship when you express yourself in such a way so as to retain your individuality without overshadowing others’. This creates understanding and acceptance, which in turn helps you to manage the relationship.

Serenity Symbol
Serenity Symbol

This symbol allows you to achieve understanding both as a leader (dominant role) and as a follower (submissive role), thereby achieving a balanced relationship which is stable and serene.

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