Blocking frustration that leads to self-destruction – creating supportive and positive peace and quiet based on self-responsibility.


Victimization is a combination of elements - frustration (air), depression (water) and anger (fire) - which, when mixed together, cause you emotional turmoil. You invite victimization into your life in order to justify your existence and presence within your surroundings. When you feel victimized, you can do nothing, and your thoughts create an internal environment of self-destruction.

In order to escape victimization, you must take a decision to assume responsibility for yourself and switch from a state of emotional turmoil to a state of inner peace that is supportive and allows you to move on.

There are five known types of victimization.

You will find more information about each of the five types of victimization in the Unblock application. To access this information, please register on the site and subscribe to the application

  • Communication victimization
  • Emotional victimization
  • Functional Victimization
  • Creative victimization
  • Survival victimization
Victimization Symbol
Victimization Symbol
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