A dominant thought that diverts me from a familiar path – releasing the thought instead of fighting it.


Stress occurs when a new thought, powerful and intense, diverts you from your familiar course of action. This causes you for feel lost, which in turn makes you feel as though the problem increases over time. There is constant conflict between the known and familiar path that you are on, and the new and unfamiliar thoughts.

The solution is to immediately let go of the new thought that created the stress. If you do not fight the old thought, you will succeed in keeping on the new path knowing that you are on the right course.

There are five known types of stress.

You will find more information about each of the five types of stress in the Unblock application. To access this information, please register on the site and subscribe to the application

  • Communication Stress
  • Emotional Stress
  • Responsive Stress
  • Creative Stress
  • Survival Stress
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Stress Symbol
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