Not knowing the path to achieving a goal - a renewed understanding of life's experiences.


Disability occurs when you know what you want to achieve in life, but you do not know the exact way to achieve it.

This lack of knowledge is caused by past events, processes and hardships that are unresolved in your life.

These things have accumulated inside of you and created a feeling of heaviness that make it hard for you to take things lightly.

Because you lack confidence, or alternatively, are overconfident, you try to maintain your previous lifestyle, but because you do not have the strength to do so, you cannot achieve your goals.

The way to release past experiences and/or hardships is to search for understanding and find answers to the question:

“Why did I have these experiences in the first place?”

Once you come to a conclusion, you will be able to release your burden and go on with your life with a feeling of simplicity and flexibility instead of hardship and complexity.

There are five known types of disability.

You will find more information about each of the five types of disability in the Unblock application. To access this information, please register on the site and subscribe to the application.

  • Communication disability
  • Emotional disability
  • Responsive disability
  • Creative disability
  • Survival disability
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