Clinging onto details as an expression of fear – release and transition to focusing on the significant rather than the insignificant.


Control occurs when you want to know the minutest of details so that you will feel as though you have not lost your personal presence and your confidence.

You feel as though others will not accept you if you are not in control of every single detail no matter how insignificant. This need causes you torture and hardships in life, and delays your progress and true development. Control also causes problems in relationships.

In order to release control you must:

  1. Adopt a broader, longer-term view of things
  2. Do not hold on to the small details

When adopting this new approach, you can function with a broader, more mature perspective in life.

There are five known types of control.

You will find more information about each of the five types of control in the Unblock application. To access this information, please register on the site and subscribe to the application

  • Communicative control
  • Emotional control
  • Self-control
  • Creative control
  • Survival control
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Control Symbol
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