Damage resulting from obstinacy and over-attachment to logic – a lighthearted approach based on openness and innovation.


Anger occurs when you cannot do something that is necessary for your development. This inability is caused by a malfunction in your ability to listen to yourself. This feeling of anger causes you to continue doing things at a logical level only, thereby hindering your developing.

When anger occurs as a result of inability, you must:

  1. Release the “logical” thought patterns that do not allow you to “think outside the box”
  2. Release the feelings of hurt and self-pity as a result of not succeeding
  3. Find a new approach that is based on flexibility and not on obstinacy

There are five known types of anger.

You will find more information about each of the five types of anger in the Unblock application. To access this information, please register on the site and subscribe to the application

  • Communication anger
  • Emotional anger
  • Self-anger
  • Anger in creativity
  • Survival anger
Anger Symbol
Anger Symbol
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