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>> Introduction Our brains are constantly working, examining and analyzing everything we see and experience. This is how we sort our experiences in order to separate the wheat from the chaff, and how our brains decide what to keep and what to discard. Unfortunately, because we live in a world with so many external stimuli, our brains absorb vast amounts of information, much of which clutters our memories and hinders our personal growth and development. Gala has developed a set of unique on-line applications, which enable us to access areas of our subconscious and utilize the information and abilities hidden there in order to promote our personal growth and development.

Personal development: the process of achieving higher and better in life.

What is personal development and who needs it? How do we evolve on a personal level? Is there a simple instruction manual that explains how to do it?

Personal development is the way in which we can attain better and higher achievements in life. It is something that we are doing on a subconscious level from the day we are born. We learn to sit, walk, read and the process continues, every day of our lives regardless of our age. We are accumulating experiences, insights and achievements to our life experience on a daily, even hourly basis. The average person, for example, when using a mobile phone, doesn't understand how the application works or which programs it contains. Their use of the phone is on a basic level and, if they come across a problem when using the device, they will usually ask a friend or a technician for help. But, if the same person takes the time to learn and develop a better understanding of the device and the applications it offers, then they will be able to gain more benefit from the phone in a shorter time, with fewer problems and less frustration. This is just one, simple example. But, if we examine the issue of development on a deeper level, then we begin to understand the extent to which our personal development has on our health, quality of life, economic status and our level of happiness.

Let's look at another example for self-development; an individual who uses the money they earn for their daily needs and wants. If this person chooses to learn how to save or invest their money, then eventually, even without changing jobs, they will have more money available each month. The same can be true of a relationship between a couple; should the individual decide to invest in the relationship, then it will be much more beneficial to those involved. The decision to act upon our personal development has a beneficial impact on the area of our lives in which we have decided to evolve.

But there is another form of development which is beneficial not just in one area but in many simultaneously – this is personal development; striving to be a better and more evolved individual in any and all areas of our lives.

Personal development consists of two parameters: The first is the key to the entire process. This parameter involves acceptance and learning of the new insights that previously we had not been connected to. Once adopting the new insights, the second parameter is activated – the realization and implementation of these new insights. Many people look for or are exposed to new insights through the Internet via articles in social media networks or blogs, or the press. Others are exposed to them via television or radio. However, in most cases, this exposure is superficial and the insights are understood mainly on a theoretical level rather than a practical one. For example: if we read an article which convinces us that fast food isn't healthy, our identification and acceptance of its conclusions will generally be in principal only. If our child's favorite food is fast food and they aren't prepared to try something else, then, in most cases, we will give into their demands despite of our agreement with the determination that fast food is bad for us. By doing this, our potential for personal development remains theoretical and unrealized. If we want to develop on a personal level we must have, on the one hand, insights and understandings and, on the other hand, put these insights and understandings into practice so that they become part of my daily life.

It's customary to learn from those who have advanced and achieved things in their lives so that we can try to evolve using the same process and route that they used. One such example is the writer and businessman, Robert Kiyosaki who wrote the book "Rich Dad Poor Dad". Many personal coaches or instructors have tried to show and teach the way to financial development as shown in the advice given by Kiyosaki. Despite the fact that tens of millions of people have read his book, how many people have really succeeded in implementing his advice? The fact is - the number is very small. Why is this?

The answer can be found in the definition of "personal development and growth" with the emphasis being on the word "personal". There are four foundation stones to our development:

  • Development resulting from a break through and regeneration in life
  • Development resulting from experience and emotion
  • Development resulting from thought and expression
  • Development resulting from our ability to execute and perform

Each of these is a separate development channel requiring that we make an effort in entirely different areas of our lives. But, let's take as an example a person for whom the appropriate development foundation is one of experience and emotion which includes the various arts. Let's assume that this person has an artistic ability but has chosen to attempt to develop in the realm of thought and expression because it is in this area that we find the legal profession which, in his opinion, will earn him large sums of money and status. In practice, when trying to be a lawyer, his verbal and expressive capabilities will be limited, as he will use his feeling rather than the logic that the legal arena is based on. This is not to say that he will not have a successful career as a lawyer, but it will at the cost of a great deal of effort and, in the long run, he will not be satisfied with his achievements because the area of thought and expression are not ideally suited to him.

So, when we are seeking for personal development, it is in our best interests to identify which of the four development channels is the most appropriate. When we choose the appropriate channel, we can develop faster, improve our health and rewards. Methods and techniques used successfully by others will not always work for us because they use tools and methods based on totally different channels and characteristics from those we need to use.

So, how can we learn from them after all? Well, their success stories can help us cultivate a different way of thinking and perhaps even encourage us to be more motivated. However, and this is important to realize – their way is not necessarily our way. Any situation which enables us to better understand reality, also allows us to respond or make decisions that are better for us and help us decide how to manage the rest of our lives.

Development is rising to a higher, more advanced stage in our lives. Any situation which enables us to better understand reality also allows us to respond or make decisions that are better for us, that help us decide how to manage the rest of our lives.

In order to explain the contribution of our development, let's look at the following example: If we want to travel let's say 50 miles to go shopping or for recreational purposes, we need to know what the road conditions are, whether there are traffic jams or any road work causing delays or diversions. The limits of our knowledge with regard to road conditions while we're in the car are limited. But let's say we use a more advanced, more highly developed tool such as a plane or a helicopter and we get traffic information for a much wider range via radio. The scope of our vision in no longer just a few hundred yards but rather miles – something that enables us to decide what best route to take is. If we use an even more advanced device such as a GPS navigation device, then not only can we choose the best route, but we are also given information about arrival time, weather conditions, gas stations along the way, rest areas, parking lots etc. The more we use and take advantage of more advanced and tools, so does our ability to operate in a more efficient, economical and easier manner improve.

When an individual chooses to follow a path of personal development they need to be aware of a number of things: Development causes change inside of us followed by a change in our environment. For example, if I were a sad person, perhaps even depressed, this also affects my immediate family and close relationship. If one day I start working on my personal development and a change starts to take place, and I become a happier and more vital person – then my entire environment would begin relating to me differently. Those who liked the previous depressed me will slowly draw away whilst those who now see me in a different and more positive light, will draw closer and our relationships will change.

Development is the clever and efficient way to conserve energy. Our entire life is based on the use of energy. The more energy we waste, the weaker we become, our health deteriorates and our level of creativity and happiness decreases. On the other hand, if we use these same life tools in a more efficient and appropriate manner, then we can conserve enough energy to allow us to enjoy life, maintain our good health and be more active.

Development takes place in stages and in order to succeed it is important that we go through each stage. If we skip a stage, it will perpetuate the lack throughout our lives, acting as a barrier and obstacle to our development.

The seven development stages are:

  1. Understanding and recognizing ourselves and the potential we were born with.
  2. Understanding and operating in relationships of all types: as a couple, social, professional, political etc.
  3. Creating cooperative public interactions with an audience or a certain sector etc.
  4. Developing self-awareness and acceptance – how do I "classify" and "brand" myself based on my abilities.
  5. Developing skills for accurate self-expression which assist in achieving our goals.
  6. Evolving emotionally to assist in avoiding failure and harm as much as possible.
  7. Developing a sense of freedom and independence allowing me to make choices that are right for me without delay.

If we are looking for a personal coach or an instruction manual for self-development, we need look no further than within ourselves. Each of us has our own personal "guide" encoded into our DNA but this potential is locked up until we access it through our sub-conscious. Our conscious minds only serve our natural development processes whilst the more developed stages are stored within our sub-conscious.

That's why GALAMIND has developed the My-Relationship and the My-Coach applications; to help the user get answers and solutions to issues in which they feel blocked. Utilizing the guidance provided by the applications, the user can develop their own understanding and insight, and by practicing the exercises they can start to create the infrastructure that will help open the door to a better life.

(The Gala-pedia will soon be available on the website; there you will be able to find more information about the seven personal development stages).

(We will soon be hosting a webinar on the site which will provide a course on Kinetic Intelligence. This course will open the way for personal development and the ability to connect freely with your sub-conscious).

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