Overcoming Barriers & Mental Blockages


>> Introduction How many times have you felt that something inside of you was holding you back, preventing you from achieving your goals? External factors are easy to identify, but identifying and overcoming a mental blockage is far more difficult. Breaking down the mental barriers of our subconscious is no easy task. Many turn to therapy in order to discover the mental barriers that are holding them back and causing them pain. Gala has developed two on-line applications that can help you identify those areas that are restraining you, and then suggest specific actions you can take in order to break down those internal barriers.

Mental Block: Why are we suddenly blocked and unable to find the way to solve the problem?

Throughout life, from the day we are born, we are evolving, learning and experimenting. This is how we improve ourselves and attempt to realize our desires and goals. Each person, according to their own path, chooses the way in which they attempt to fulfill their aims. For example, an individual who has chosen to specialize in the legal profession will attempt to advance and develop based on their acquired knowledge. A salesperson in a clothes store will deal with the same situation but in a different way, using different resources because this is what is best for them.

This is the way we usually manage our lives however, occasionally, we come up against a situation which we are unable to understand or solve. Why is this happening? After all, if we were to see the exact same problem in another person we would, in most cases, be able to suggest a solution. So why, when it happens to us, do we suddenly feel blocked and unable to find the way to solve the problem. For example: an assertive woman running a business knowing how to deal with customers and suppliers. However, when she has to deal with her husband or children, she suddenly feels anxious and loses her assertiveness. Another example could be a man with a talent or skill but who doesn't get enough appreciation or positive feedback, which could lead to frustration. The question is, why doesn't he do what is necessary in order to get the appreciation he deserves? The answer can be found in the concept we call a mental blockage.

Our "thinking" aspect, our mental side, is the force behind everything that we do during life. True, there are emotional barriers and blockages but, in practice, emotional barriers can only be created if mental barriers existed first. These mental barriers can arise from a number of reasons:

    1. Painful or difficult unresolved experiences which we have buried deep in our consciousness.

    People are not aware of the concept of "Cell Memory" and its impact on our daily functioning. All the cells of our body contain a fluid known as cytoplasm where all of our experiences, both good and bad, are stored in an encoded form. Since all of our cells are connected, each individual cell has access to the information stored in other cells all over the body. Trauma or difficult memories create turbidity in the cytoplasm, which in turn restricts the communication between the body's cells.

    When we undergo a difficult experience such as a failure or defeat, all of our cells remember the experience and, when a similar situation occurs, the cells rebroadcast the previous experience. This causes us to create a protective system which shuts down our ability to deal with the present situation and, in effect, creates a mental block. The importing side does not receive enough energy from the rest of the body's cells and slows down. Then, when the situation passes, the cells return to their normal functioning.

    Most people tend avoiding dealing with mental blockages and therefor perform a type of "mental manipulation" by creating a bypass. This doesn't remove the mental blockage but does create a different behavioral pattern which will help relieve the situation. In the case of the assertive woman, she may try to find compromise with her children or husband rather than deal with her own difficulties which prevent her from achieving her desires. In the example of gifted man, he may seek the assistance of others rather than finding the best path for him all by himself. This is the accepted and normative manner for bypassing a mental blockage, but it involves a significant disadvantage.

    Why? These types of solutions effectively "set" the mental blockage and every time that a similar situation arises, even if in a different context, we are unable to resolve them as we haven't taken the time or made the effort to find the right solution. Our cellular memory becomes overloaded which makes it even more difficult for us to function. At some stage in our lives, this continuous state creates an insurmountable barrier. This usually happens during our later years when the problem is exacerbated because our ability to cope with the scope and mass of the barrier decreases significantly. Therefore, the sooner we solve the problem and overcome the barrier, the sooner our lives will be easier and flow better. Therefore the solution to this type of mental barrier is to identify our weaker traits, those that we haven't managed to overcome and which created the barrier in the first place. After identifying the trait we need to focus on and eliminate as much as possible, we then need to identify which characteristic we can activate in its place so that we do not experience the same breakdown again. If we can do this, then the cell's cytoplasm becomes clearer and purer. This must meet our needs and our character so that once we have replaced the defective trait with a positive one, we can move on with our lives in an easier and more positive manner.

    2. Lack of knowledge and experience creates a lack of confidence

    On many occasions we have to cope with a lack of knowledge and/or a lack of experience. Sometimes this is because of what we had learned in school or whilst growing up, and sometimes it's because the issue was non-existent or simply wasn't part of our "life track", and now we suddenly have to deal with it. For example: scenarios such as bankruptcy, loss of a job, an accident, a lottery win, an earthquake etc. - all present us with situations that we have never met before which, in its turn, causes a mental blockage due to our confusion as to what we should do and our fear of making mistakes. But, if we assume that everything we meet in life is designed to advance, promote and teach us how to find new solutions to encourage us to be better people, then we will use our accumulated experience to find a new path which will compensate for our lack of experience.

    It is most useful under these circumstances to fully understand those areas in which we are most restricted, in other words, which abilities are not serving us and which do in these situations. In order to overcome this type of mental blockage we need to evaluate our abilities and our weaknesses. If we look at the issue of an accident, something that we may not have experienced in the past, then we need to try and release ourselves from the trauma which creates the mental blockage. We could check to see, for example, if we are a patient or an impatient person because patience will allow us to tell ourselves that everything is O.K. That there is a problem, and we will give ourselves the time required to recover and find solutions that will enable us to continue to function. An impatient person will exacerbate the problem since they will want to solve it immediately, to return to full and normal functioning. When they are unsuccessful, they will become depressed or frustrated and the mental block will grow stronger.

    Another way of removing a mental blockage following an accident is to find within us the ability to be an "expert", an expert who knows how to look for solutions on the Internet. Using search engines or social networks, we search for similar cases and learn the ways that could help solve our problem. If we lack this ability or strength, our concentration will be harmed. Perhaps we possess social skills and can ask our friends to assist with the online search. The use of our characteristics, once we have filtered out those which stand in our way, enables us to overcome mental barriers resulting from lack of knowledge or experience.

    3. Fear of the unknown creates paralysis and incapability to cope.

    There are people who are willing to cope with states of uncertainty since they are sufficiently developed to not suffer from the frustration related to failure. These are people who love challenges and competition; however they are rare to find. Many people, when forced to deal with unfamiliar states, get cold feet or, put another way, a form of mental paralysis leading to a blockage. The majority of people don't like it when their natural survival state, their lifestyle and emotional status are suddenly threatened. When these situations occur, these people find themselves unable to think, their brain is paralyzed with no ability to function properly.

    This situation can result in a deterioration of their ability to function and cope to the extent of falling into deep anxiety, apathy or an attempt to escape reality – all of these, individually and collectively, build up accumulated damages to our self-image and our ability to cope. Fear is a state which prevents the individual from functioning properly and appropriately; they begin to react out of the very basic levels of their survival instincts instead of using their mental capabilities. That is why, in order to cope and release a fear based on a mental blockage, paralysis or an inability to cope, we need to neutralize at least one of the fear factors. In order to better understand this, we'll use the example of an advanced state of the art car such as a Mercedes. If we want to prevent the vehicle from driving, we don't need to dismantle the engine or remove the steering wheel. It's enough that we disconnect one cable from the vehicle's battery and this advanced super car is completely immobilized!

    The same thing can be applied to fear. To cope with and disperse the fear we experience in our lives is a long and complicated process that demands energies which we may not possess. But if we could find just one element that, if neutralized, would push the fear into the background making it unable to affect us, we would then be able to find a positive alternative, a type of courage that, until now, we were not aware that we possessed. The more we utilize this new found courage, the less the mental blockage caused by our fear and paralysis will affect our lives.

For each of these three barriers, the information needed to identify the factors causing the mental blockage and how to eliminate it, can be accessed by using the MY COACH application which draws its answers from our own sub-conscious. This means that the answers are closely and clearly matched to you, just like a tailor made suit. The extensive answers provided by the application and the suggested exercises, directly influence and improve the cytoplasm in our cells and assist the brain to better cope rather than create mental blockages

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