Kinetic intelligence


>> Introduction Kinetic Intelligence is the scientific theory that forms the basis of the Galamind applications. This new methodology is able todeliver enhanced nsights regarding the way individuals operate, and ways of eliminating personal blockages to change At the core of the new methodology are the latest scientific advances in:

  • Quantum theory
  • Chaos theory
  • Complex systems theory
  • Fractal theory
  • New knowledge about the inner world of the human cell
  • The psychological concept of the gap between the conscious and the subsconscious

>> The new reality of quantum mechanics The core of kinetic intelligence is the physical theory of quantum mechanics. Most of the conclusions of this theory do not conform to the logical world with which we are familiar. Quantum mechanics deals with the concept of completeness, and not just concepts of component parts or particles. One of the things that quantum mechanics has discovered is the critical role played by “human awareness” in shaping the physical reality that we experience. Thanks to this world of new concepts, we can understand important aspects embedded in Galamind software and in the kinetic intelligence methodology. Kinetic intelligence uses the concept of wave-particle duality, whereby the electron can resemble particles (matter) as well as waves (energy). The decision regarding what will be revealed depends on the awareness of the observer. (illustration of the famous experiment of the scientist Louis de Broglie in 1923, an experiment that forms the central pillar in the development of quantum theory, and which earned him the Nobel Prize in 1929.) When the application is activated through a computer and through the user’s awareness, a transition occurs between the world of matter (computer, processor, screen, etc.) and the sub-atomic world – the world of energy. At this stage, the data passes via electrons located in the electromagnetic field that we all transmit.

>> The energetic signature of brain waves At the sub-atomic level, each particle genrates its own unique energetic signature (intensity – amplitude, and wave length). Measurements and observations have proved that when we think about different subjects, the frequencies that the brain emits vary according to the intensity and length of the wave produced by the brain cells. This energetic signature is capable of influencing the environment, provided the environment is equipped to capture the signal, and respond accordingly with a complementary energetic signature (based on the complementarity principle in physics.) This is precisely what happens with Galamind’s kinetic intelligence-based applications, which are the latest manifestation of this new methodology. The new abilities that kinetic intelligence deivers are based on quality of life and decision making. Thanks to advanced knowhow and methods, it is possible to program computer software that can synchronize itself to the unique energetic signature of our brain, to identify the electromagnetic field, and to create a complementary energetic signature. Although this differs radically from what everyday experience would lead us to expect, it is feasible, and it can be applied.

>> Kinetic intelligence and reading the unconscious The next building block of kinetic intelligence concerns the structure of the brain and the importance of the data inside the cell. Many of us are aware of the fact that our subconscious is usually ahead of our conscious mind when it comes to discerning problems and proposing solutions. Often, the subconscious supplies us with hints at solutions via premonitions, intuitive feelings or dreams. But sometimes, the conscious rejects these solutions, since they generally don’t conform to our logic or expectations. It would be really useful if we could read our subconscious and discover the solutions hidden within. The energetic signature that we generate is composed of both the conscious and the subconscious. We should think of our subconscious as a smart young child with a gentle voice, constantly trying to tell us: “This would be solved if you only opened your eyes and understood that....” – yet we don’t isten to the child because he is speaking in such a quiet voice.

>> Kinetic intelligence software makes this possible The software developed by Galamind captures the energetic signatures of both the conscious and subconscious mind, and calculates the gap between them. In other words, it calculates the missing energetic signature that the conscious cannot capture or identify. Effectively, the only remaining obstacle is: how do we instill this missing energetic signature into the conscious mind?

>> The brain and the importance of intracellular knowledge The latest discoveries in intracellular science prove that at the sub-atomic level, our body actually contains infinite data about all the options it needs (DNA.) Innovative medical advances even use sub-atomic data to repair diseases and defects by introducing data into the body through the oral administration of food additives and minerals or by implanting nanotechnology devices. In terms of kinetic intelligence, this data enters the cell’s nucleus via the sense of sight. The new data “teaches” the cell how to repair itself. In other words, it generates the very energetic signature hat is missing between reality and ideal.

>> Kinetic intelligence and geometric language The scientist Galileo Galilei said that the language of the universe is mathematics and geometry. Kinetic intelligence uses the language of smart geometric configurations, composed of colors and specific symmetries in order to transfer the data, and thus effectively to generate the energetic signature that enters the brain via the most dominant sense we possess, sight. The smart geometric configurations developed as part of applying kinetic intelligence theory, trigger waves of a particular length and intensity, and an energetic signature frequency that changes from one configuration to another. Just as the body responds to a vaccination injected into the blood stream and teaches it how to fight a given virus, so the brain responds to configurations, symmetries and colors that teach it to generate a given energetic signature. This signature comprises the gap between the conscious and the subconscious.

>> Summary Kinetic intelligence is the interpreter that helps the brain to find solutions that it already possesses, and that trans ates these solutions into action and change.


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