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>> Introduction Most of us, no matter how pleased and content, wish for an even happier life. We are constantly seeking for the formula to make our lives more fulfilling; the secret to turning our relationship to more satisfying and our careers more gratifying. It is perhaps a fact of human existence that we will always aspire to be better, to be happier. However, for many of us, the key to a happier life often lies within ourselves, hidden in our subconscious. Gala's applications help us discover our inner strengths and hidden solutions and then show us how to make use of this new knowledge.

happier life - a matter of achievements and blockage elimination

Wanting happiness is a common basic human aspiration. Few people, if any, consciously prefer a life of asceticism or a life with no joy. But why are most people unhappy?

Joy is experienced and expressed in many ways; a child is happy when he's given a new toy, a teenager is happy when scoring good grades at school or in his favorite sports activity and an adult is happy upon getting a desirable job or finding a life partner, and so on. The common denominator is that they all entail an exciting emotional reaction, a feeling that isn't always available to us on a day to day basis.

So if we are capable of reaching this type of emotional state, why can't we enjoy it on a permanent basis? Why is it then, that when we go through a "happy period" such as when a child is born or when we score good grades at school or buy a new car, the 'happy feeling' lasts a limited period of time only to be replaced again by our 'normal' emotional state as life continues and we resume our regular activities?

The answer consists of two primary reasons:

  • The first throughout life we cope with challenges. Some are self-initiated such as dealing with professional issues, issues related to intimate and family relationships, etc. Some of these challenges do not concern us directly, meaning we did not actively choose or create them. For example: coping with global warming issues or with the aftermath of a flood, drought, financial recession, etc.

    When we are involved in a confrontation or a challenge, we are mostly focused on overcoming a specific situation. As a result, during this period, we push happiness to the side since happiness is essentially being in a state of achievement. When we are happy, we have achieved. We feel light and relaxed and we are less concerned about dealing with challenges. When we hear that global or local problems have been solved by those responsible for them, we cease to worry and experience happiness.

  • The second results from blockages, states of uncertainty and stressful unsolved issues in our lives. When we suffer from stress we cannot be happy.

Happiness is a state where our hearts expand and we feel free. We see life in clear bright colors and approach potentially challenging situations lightly, seeing them as less of a problem. Happiness is another form of energy which allows us to step up the level in which we manage our lives. Most people experience life as a burden which becomes heavier as we get older. When we are young, the burdens we carry is usually related to matters such as acquiring knowledge and education as well as learn how to socially fit it. Upon adulthood, we are expected to acquire a profession that will allow us to survive financially and will also enable us to marry and create a family. Then, we must raise our children and ensure their well-being as well as our professional progress. Later on in life, the burden shifts and we must ensure our good health and financial security for when we are older.

On the face of it, these tasks don't appear to be very attractive, they seem quite long term and difficult to achieve. Therefore, we create categories and stages in our lives; when we achieve a stage (goal) in a certain category; we are filled with joy and a sense of freedom. We are cleansed of our previous emotional and mental burden which allows us to approach the next stage of our lives with a lighter approach. When we feel we have successfully realized a certain goal such as purchasing a house or having a child, we feel happy and are ready to continue to our next goal. In other words, happiness is dependent on achieving new goals that we have set ourselves.

Since happiness is a wonderful energy, we often try to attain it regardless of the achievement of our life goals. There are people who try to experience happiness though alternative means; pills, drugs, alcohol and the like. This type of "happiness" does not provide genuine happiness; it is a short cut, a temporary satisfaction, a high, a thrill. What's more, with every use of these alternatives, the level of happiness achieved lessens and becomes an addictive habit rather than an indication for success.

Much of the difficulty involved in obtaining happiness stems from blockages that are ingrained in us; blockages we are born with or ones we created ourselves due to failures we have experienced. All these emotional and psychological blockages are engraved in our DNA which makes it very difficult for us to break.

The innovative and intelligent applications (My Relationship and My Coach) as well as the information they entail, open up brand new avenues which enable us to quickly and effectively free ourselves from blockages and achieve our goals in a shorter period of time. This, in turn, allows us to achieve happiness in our lives.

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