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>> Introduction Even in Hollywood, there is no such thing as "a perfect relationship". Because we are human, our relationships are constantly changing and developing. All too often our relationships, whether personal and intimate, professional, or with in the family, can run into an obstructions that cause tension and concern. Receiving relevant advice and guidance to our unique situation is not always easy. Gala's MY RELATIONSHIP and MY COACH are unique applications that provide us with online relationship guidance and show us how to make the best use of this relationship, as well as develop and strengthen other relationships in our life.

Relationships - each person is different

A relationship consists of at least two people, each different from the other. It often happens that a relationship that at the beginning seemed destined for success, begins to experience difficulties or breakdowns. Why does this happen? After all, we entered into the relationship in order to be happier or more comfortable. So, how do we manage to build a relationship that will develop properly and provide the results we desire?

In this article, we'll provide some guide lines which when understood and acted upon, will allow different types of relationships to develop properly. It's irrelevant if the relationship is a romantic one, social, professional or parental, the guide lines are valid for all.

Tip 1:Understand that each person is different (each person has a different DNA structure). This means that each person in the relationship has different expectations. Even if this is a romantic relationship, each one experiences love in their own individual way, often quite differently than the partner does. When we fully comprehend this concept, we learn not to avoid cultivating expectations that can't materialize and we are ready to accept our partner's different point of view of the relationship.

For instance: one side might look for more excitement whilst the other might be interested in greater security. One may be looking for communication and attention, the other peace and tranquility.

So, our advice is: accept the fact that each person in a relationship is different and allow your partner to be who they are. Don't try to change them so that they meet your expectations. If your partner doesn't preserve their sense of self, you will, at the end of the day, find yourself in an unsuccessful relationship.

My Relationship, expectations in your relationship
My Relationship; expectations in your relationship

If you want to know what you are expected to give to your relationship, the My Relationship application gives you access to the guidance that is stored in your sub-conscious. You can find the answers in the two pentagrams on the right of the screen. An understanding of your partner's role can be found in the two pentagrams on the left of the screen.

Tip 2:Don't try to change yourself or please your partner if they try to force you to accept a culture or a behavior way that you don't wish to adopt. In any relationship, it is important that all sides will be faithful to the character and traits they were born with. Sacrificing and surrendering these characteristics, even if out of a desire to preserve the relationship, will create at some stage, a crisis.

Why a crisis? Because when a person surrenders themselves for a length of time, they slowly but surely become more and more frustrated. Eventually, the frustration becomes too great which is when the relationship begins to founder after too much frustration has been accumulated. If a relationship reaches this stage, repairing it is much harder. Therefore, short confrontations, arguments and finding solutions are preferable to surrendering which might eventually lead to a major crisis.

My Relationship, Negative characteristics in your relationship
My Relationship, identify negative characteristics in your relationship

In order to discover which characteristics might cause us to make this mistake, the My Relationship application shows us what to avoid in a specific relationship.

The answer can be found in third pentagram in the middle row.

Tip 3: Try to understand what you are supposed to achieve and gain from the relationship. When you understand what the relationship is giving you, then you no longer waste energies that have no place in the relationship. As a result, the relationship is smoother, easier and wastes less of your energy.

For example: a person who is in a social relationship with another individual learns how to be more attentive and to implement lessons they learn through this relationship, will refrain from taking the relationship to a place where they do most of the talking and their partner expresses themselves less. In practice, they will be the one doing most of the talking for most of the time which doesn't help either them or their partner. Instead of learning how to listen and internalize, they will only waste energy.

My Relationship, what you can learn from your relationship
My Relationship, what you can learn from your relationship

In order to discover what you can learn from your relationship, the My Relationship application refers you to the first pentagram in the middle row and the last pentagram provides the expected results in case the relationship develops smoothly. Sometimes, the upper pentagram will indicate that the steps will not be successful in a specific time period. This is the result of a variety of reasons and this is not the place to expand on them. However, what the application does show is that this specific blockage is temporary and that once removed, the expected results will be reached.

Tip 4: Try to understand your partner's role in the relationship and what they gain from it. Then you will be able to prevent a situation in which you become frustrated due to unrealized expectations. For example: a man enters into a romantic relationship expecting to receive companionship and empathy from his partner. However, the partner is a person whose emotional world is restricted and who cannot inundate the other person with affection and empathy. They may be looking for help in building their personal security through the relationship. The outcome is that the person seeking affection becomes frustrated since the relationship is not meeting their expectations.

The other partner in the relationship is disappointed because the other side fails to help establish the personal security they desire. However, if at least one side realizes what the other side is seeking, they can then gain an understanding of their partner's goals and assist them in realizing them. If this is the case, they automatically receive the empathy and affection they desire and no longer need to expect it only to be disappointed. Based on this understanding, it is possible to both give and to receive in a balanced way.

My Relationship, be aware of your partners needs
My Relationship, be aware of your partners needs

In order to realize what the partner is seeking for in a relationship during the specific time period when the question was asked, My Relationship provides the answer in the left hand column of the screen.

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