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The founders of galamind.com have developed simple but effective tools for changing your thinking habits and adopting thought processes that will improve your quality of life. Galamind applications allow you to access more rewarding and more impactful life choices.

Luis Dagan

Business Consciousness - Develops innovative practices for a healthier and more advanced business world.
At the age of 65 I re-examined my life's purpose as I sought after "something else" without knowing what and where it was.All my life I operated in a world of material security – complex contracts, collaterals and lawyers - dictated by the principles of the old economy. But all the capital and power I accumulated in the old familiar way did not necessarily bring me happiness.
I realized that there were different intelligence and tools which can help me improve my personal life and in finding solutions to any situation or challenge. Amongst other things, I discovered that when I listen to another and recognize the right connection type with them, the result is often better.
Today, at the age of 73, it is my mission to acquaint the economic-business world with these innovative tools (that I myself use), which have the power to move forward towards a wiser, more efficient and better world.

Rachelit Levy

Biofsichology - Invents and develops a psychological method which affects body and brain.

Ron Hoffmann

Quantum Thinking - Develops capabilities of innovative thinking and .understanding which enhance quality of life.

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