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Gala’s scientifically-tested
solution for

Galamind’s scientifically-tested solution
for evaluating personal relationships.
YOU ME US assesses the chemistry
between you and your spouse, partner, friend
or colleague - as well as between you and
someone new in your life.
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Gala’s scientifically-tested
solution for neutralizing mental
and psychological barriers

Galamind’s scientifically-tested solution for
neutralizing mental and psychological barriers.
Explore dormant qualities in your subconscious
that are obstructing your efforts to eliminate
unwanted behavioral patterns.
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The Technology

Based on Kinetic Intelligence and quantum mechanics, Gala's technology allows us, through the use of geometric patterns and color, to access the hidden areas of our sub-conscious.

It was Galileo who said that mathematics and geometry are the language of the universe – Gala's revolutionary technology teaches us that language so that we can better understand ourselves and improve our lives.

The Company

Gala is a company with a mission – to help you find solutions to specific problems that are impacting negatively on your life and that seem as if they have no readily available solution. All of us go through periods in our lives when we are faced with seemingly unsolvable problems or situations.


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